Competition Rules

All players are responsible for reading and understanding the competition rules for their sport. Competition rules are to be understood by each participant prior to commencement of competition.

All decisions made by officials are final. Any competition rule not mentioned is defaulted to the international body rules –

Competition rules may be updated prior to the season commencing, even after registering for a competition. Team Captains will be provided with the most up to date rules sheet prior to the competition starting.

Competition Rules 2024




Competition Rules FAQ's

Why does it say my competition rules are under review?

We are currently updating these rules for the upcoming season, ensuring they are in line with industry standards!

There isn’t a specific rule listed in the competition rules, what rule do we follow?

If a rule isn’t listed in the La Trobe League specific version, rules default to those set out by the governing body.

Are the rules currently listed the ones that apply to our upcoming competition?

The rules that are linked are the most up to date version. Rules may be changed between the time of registration, and the start of a competition.

Can rules change whilst in competition?

Whilst it is rare, competition rules may change after the competition commences if it is seen for the betterment for the competition, or the enhancement of health and safety. All players will be notified in writing should this happen.