Incident Review Process


The following protocols will be used as a procedural guide for any incidents that are reported to La Trobe Sport, in La Trobe League competitions.  

Process Overview 


La Trobe League has a strict Incident Review Process in circumstances where an incident is reported to competition management. 

For La Trobe Sport to review an incident, the incident must be reported through an Incident Lodgement Form. Whilst our staff and match officials have the ability to report, and will in the event of an incident, it is of the expectation that participants complete the form if they would like an incident to be looked into. If we do not receive a report in the 48 hours after the match, we cannot look into the incident. 

Once an incident has been reported to us through the Incident Lodgement Form, the below process will take place: 

  • Incident Review Officer determines if the incident constitutes a general review or a formal review
    • General reviews consist of minor incidents, which may be expected to be picked up by match officials during the match. 
      • The process for a general review is short, with the Incident Review Officer either reporting this to the match official provider, or providing a warning/ minimal charge to a player. No witness statements are necessary in this review. 
    • Formal reviews consist of more serious incidents, and incidents listed in the suspension guidelines. 
  • If a formal review is decided for a certain incident, the following will be enacted:
    • Collection of witness statements, with a 48-hour time limit (players involved, team captains, spectators, staff, as set out here)
    • Gathering other relevant evidence, including CCTV footage, live streaming footage. 
  • Once witness statements have been gathered, or after the 48-hour time period, the Incident Review Officer will come to a decision, in conjunction with the Suspension Guidelines. 
  • Relevant parties will be notified of the decision
    • No appeals are allowed except as specified in section 7 here, or as referred to by the Incident Review Officer. 
  • The tribunal sits externally to the Incident Review Officer, and the Independant Appeals Officer. Participants cannot appeal a decision made by the Independant Appeals Officer. A tribunal may only be used in extraordinary circumstances, as directed by La Trobe Sport, or as detailed in section 8 here.

For more information, and to view our complete Incident Review Process & Protocols, please click HERE.

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