Please ensure yourself, as well as your team members are eligible to play in the chosen competition.

Age Eligibility

Players must be at least 16 years of age, at the time of participating in the competition. Players who register may be 15 years old, providing:

(a) They will be at least 16 years of age at the competition start date

(b) They will be at least 16 years old by their first competition match

Additionally, all players need to be registered as a player online, and not under a current suspension, or been advised not to play through the process of an Incident Review.

Finals Eligibility

Only players who meet the eligibility criteria below are eligible for finals:

(a) Registered to the team

(b) Not registered to any other team in the same competition

(c) Have played at least five (5) matches for the team for 16+ week competitions or played at least three (3) matches for semester-based competitions.

(d) Are not serving any competition suspensions

Eligibility FAQ's

What is the minimum age to join La Trobe League competitions?

Participants must be aged 16 years or older when they play their first competition match.

I have played in five matches this season, however, my captain only logged me into four matches. Am I still eligible for finals?

Unfortunately, we have a strict policy, that if you haven’t signed into a game, this will not count. If you believe this was a technology error, please contact La Trobe Sport prior to finals commencing.

How do I check how many matches my teammates have played in this season?

As a team captain, you can log into your team captain admin account to check how many games each player has played.

How many male and female players do we need to have for mixed competitions?

Please consult individual competition rules for mixed gender requirements.