Individual Registration

Individuals are also able to register into our competition! If you join as an individual, you will be placed into a team with other individuals. Additionally, if you have friends, but just not enough for a team, we can also place you into the same team.

Individual Registration Process

Simply sign up through our registration form as an individual player. You will receive an automatic email confirmation. We will then assign you to a team prior to the competition start date!

Individual Registration Costs & Payments

Each game will cost an individual player $10 per match (7 player team competitions) and $14 per match (5 player team competitions). This needs to be paid upfront, prior to the first game. Once you have been placed into a team, you will receive this information.

Allocation process

Once we have confirmed your registration, you will be added, at random, to a team of individuals. We will place you into a team with any nominated friends. This process may occur 1 – 2 weeks prior to the competition commencing. Once you have received your allocation via email, we will ask the team to:

  • Nominate a team captain.
  • Nominate a team name.
  • Confirm if uniforms need to be borrowed for grading matches.

Individual Registration FAQ's

Who is this registration type for?
This is for people who don't have a team but want to be a part of the action!

How does it work?
Once you have signed up, we will allocate you into a team with likeminded people. Your allocation confirmation will come out one week prior to the competition starting.

What if I want to register with friends?
When you sign up, you can add friends name in the list, and we can allocate you with them into a team.

How much does it cost?
Each game will cost you $10 per match (7 player teams) or $14 per match (5 player teams). Your season payment will be multiplied by the amount of fixtured matches, and due prior to the first match commencing.

Do we get uniforms provided?
No, teams are responsible for their own uniforms. We understand that uniforms may take some time in arriving, so we will have some spare kits in grading weeks for individual teams.

How many people are allocated into a team?
We like to put as many people as possible in individual teams to ensure your team is prepared to hit the court each week. For basketball and futsal, we like to allocate a minimum of 8 players, and netball a minimum of 10 players.

The opposition forfeited; do we get a refund?
No, instead, your team will be able to utilise the courts free of charge on the allocated match time.

Can we get refunded if we pull out mid-season?
If you are to pull out of the team for non-injury related reasons, you will not be issued a refund. Refunds are only given with a medical certificate being provided, and you will be refunded at a pro-rata rate with the number of games left in the season.

What if our team loses members and we cannot put a team together each week?
La Trobe Sport staff will try and find more players during the season if players have dropped out. In the event of a team disbanding due to insufficient players, players will be given a refund for the remaining matches not played.

When do I need to pay my season fee?
You will be issued a season fee in the week prior to the competition starting, this is due before your first match, either online or at the reception desk.

I am leaving the team prior to the season finishing, am I eligible to a refund?

Only in extenuating circumstances is when a refund can be considered. These circumstances are:

  • Medical reasons that preclude a player from participating in the rest of the competition, such as an injury or illness.
  • A personal matter, that precludes the player from competing in the rest of the competition.
  • Any other circumstance as deemed appropriate by La Trobe Sport

If deemed appropriate, La Trobe Sport will provide a pro-rata refund based on the number of games left in the competition, from when the refund request was submitted. Documentation must be provided.

I am ill for a few games in the season, am I eligible for a refund for those matches?

No refunds are available for one-off games/ multiple games during the season missed (even due to injury/ illness, unless specified in 4.5 of the competition terms).