About Registrations

Our competition registrations are all done online in a seamless manner. Every player that wants to participate in the competition needs to register prior to hitting the court, inclusing any fill ins. 

Registrations are made on a first in basis. If your competition is full, you will be placed on a waiting list.

All registrations are taken HERE.

Registration dates

Registrations for season 2, 2024 are NOW OPEN.

Types of registration

There are a number of registration options that will fit your need:

  • Team Registration: This is where the team captain will sign up the team. Once the team is registered, the captain will receive a unique code to give to teammates.
  • Team Member Registration: Once the team has signed up, the other team members can register using the code provided to the captain.
  • Other (Individual): this option is for people looking to be added into a team as an individual.

Returning members vs New members

When signing up, you will need to select if you are returning member or existing member. If you are a returning member, your details will automatically be inserted into the registration form.

Priority registration

Returning teams from the previous season will receive priority registration, with teams having a two-week period after registrations opening to lock themselves in for free. No guarantee is given to returning teams if they do not register in the priority registration period. Priority registration deadlines are communicated via email to all past team captains, prior to registrations commencing.

Registration fees

We have a low flat rate of $99 for a team registration – with some discounts available (please see our costs section for more information). For our futsal competitions, all futsal participants must also purchase a Football Victoria membership ($42 yearly).

Team registration caps

Teams may only register a maximum of 10 players for basketball and futsal competitions. Teams may only register a maximum of 12 players for netball competitions.

Registration FAQ's

How do I register a team?

Click the returning or new member button and select team registration. Upon registering a team, you will receive a unique code to share with your team members, who will need it to sign up to the team!

What happens after we register?
You will receive an automated email with competition details and login information for your La Trobe League account. For team
registrations, you will also receive a unique code to share with your team.

Why does it say $0 when I register?
A $0 registration fee will apply automatically – any fees payable will be sent prior to the season starting.

Does each player need to register in my team?
Yes, each player needs to register. This is so we can track players eligibility for matches, especially when it comes to finals.

I want to join a secondary competition, how do I do this?
If you wish to enter another competition, as a team member or new team captain, please email who will be able to facilitate this.

What can I insert as our team’s name?

You are allowed to call your team whatever you like (within reason)– be creative! However, we do have some limitations. We won’t accept names due to the below:

  • Swear words.
  • Implication of swear words.
  • Anagram words which could be changed into an offensive name.
  • A team name where its acronyms mean something offensive.
  • Duplicate names.
  • Names that may target hate, or embarrassment to a particular group.
  • Names that use the words ‘La Trobe’ or imply affiliation with La Trobe University or La Trobe Sport.
  • Any other words deemed inappropriate by La Trobe Sport.

Once I have registered, is that all I need to do?

Once you have registered, we will send you a follow up email with anything you will need to do. If you are registering for a Futsal competition, we will also send further information to register through PlayFootball (required).

As a futsal player, why do I need to sign up through PlayFootball?

We have partnered with Football Victoria to deliver an outstanding competition, with high quality officials. Your membership will also give you Football Australia Insurance Coverage.

How many people can I register for my team?

Teams may only register a maximum of 10 players for basketball and futsal competitions. Teams may only register a maximum of 12 players for netball competitions.

Can I remove a registered player from my team to add another one in, as we are at capacity?

You will only be able to swap a player if they have played under the final’s eligibility threshold, or that player is injured, with a medical certificate provided. If a player has played under the final’s eligibility threshold, they may be removed and swapped for an alternate player.

When do registrations close?

Registrations generally close after grading has finished – however, if we have the capacity, we may accept registrations after this time.