Costs & Payments

La Trobe League is one of the lowest costing social competitions in Melbourne! Don't believe us, check out the prices below:

Team Registration

Normal Team Registration Fee: $99

Please note, the following registration discounts are available:

  • Early bird Registration: If you are a returning team, and register for Season 2, 2024 in the first two weeks of registrations opening, your team will receive free registration (up until Monday 31 June).
  • Residential Registration: If there are one or more residential students in the team, we will waive your registration fee (proof is required).
  • Student/ Staff Registration: If there are one or more La Trobe University Students/ Staff in the team, team registration will be reduced to $50 (proof is required).

Weekly Match Fees (2024)

  • Sunday Men's Basketball: $75 per match
  • Sunday Mixed Basketball: $75 per match
  • Monday Mixed Futsal: $65 per match
  • Wednesday Mixed Netball (Bendigo): $70 per match
  • Thursday Mixed Netball: $70 per match

Forfeit Fees

  • Forfeit outside one week (7 days): x 1 match fee 
  • Forfeit within a week - 72 hours from match: 1.5 x match fee
  • Forfeit within 72 hours of match: 2 x match fee
  • No notice given: 2 x match fee + $20 fine

Individual Fees (Players who join a team as an individual)

  • Men's Basketball & Mixed Basketball: $14 per match
  • Men's Futsal: $14 per match
  • Mixed Netball: $10 per match

Affiliation & Insurance Fees

Some of our competitions partner with state governing bodies, meaning players must purchase a yearly membership. These are required to play, and approval to competition will be granted once these are paid. 

Competitions which require additional membership: 

  • Men's Futsal ($42 per year)

Paying your registration fee & match fees

When you sign a team up, you will be given a couple of options to pay;

  • Weekly – online through our PayPal portal
  • Up-front (season payment) – online through our PayPal portal
  • Up-front (season payment) – at our reception desk prior to your first match

Your registration fee will be issued to you in the week leading up to your match if you choose to pay weekly, or absorbed into your bulk season payment, due prior to the start of the season.

When signing up as an individual, you will be issued a season match fee, dependant on the number of games in the competition. This is due prior to the season commencing.

Paying online

Should you wish to pay weekly, or pay your bulk season payment online, you will receive an email for each payment that is owing. For weekly payments, this will happen approx. 48 hours from your match time.

Through this email, you will be able to simply click through our payment portal and pay online. Please note, there is a 2.6% fee + $1.33 fee per transaction if paying online.

Finals payments

If your team pays in bulk at the start of the season, or you are an individual participant, you may need to make additional payments for finals matches. This will be communicated in the week of your finals match.

Costs & Payments FAQ's

How much is it to register a team?
Our standard registration fee is $99 for the whole team.

What if I am a student, do we get discounted registration?
If there is one member in the team who is a student, the registration fee is discounted to $50.

Are there any other registration discounts available?
Yes, we offer free registration to residential teams, as well as teams who re-register from a previous season early.

What is early bird registration?
Early bird registration is available to teams from the previous season, signing up in the first two weeks of registrations opening.

What is the cost per match?
Each match starts from $65. As we use an online platform, there are card fees associated with the transaction.

I’m entering as an individual and being allocated into a team, what is my fee?
You will have a per match fee, that is multiplied by how many games there are in the season (this is confirmed once you are allocated into a team).

As an example, as a netball player it is $10 per match. In a 20-week competition, the fee is $200 for the season, payable in the first week of competition.

Are there any other costs other than registration and match fees?
The following competitions attract a fee payable to the association - these details will be issued prior to the season -

  • Futsal competitions (Football Victoria) - $40 ($29 if aged under 19)

What payment options do we have as a team?
We understand teams may have different payment preferences. That is why we offer teams different payment options for the season:

  • Upfront season payment: Your team can pay all match fees upfront at the reception desk (Bundoora and Bendigo).
  • Weekly payments (online): You will be sent a payment each week, to pay prior to your match. The fee will be sent to the team captain as default (Bundoora).
  • Weekly payments (in-person): A nominated team payer can pay the weekly fee at the reception desk (Bendigo only).

Our team paid upfront; however, we have had more than one bye/ forfeit, do we get a refund?
For teams paying in bulk, the expectation is there will be byes and forfeits for the season. Teams who pay in bulk will not be eligible for a refund, unless the team plays in 75% or less games they have paid for (rounded down). Games that have been forfeited by the team will count as a game played.

Example - A team pays a $1,120 season fee in bulk for a competition with 16 matches. With byes and forfeits against, the team only plays 12 matches. The team have played 12 matches out of 16, which is 75%, which meets the refund threshold. The team will be given a $112 refund.

How do I choose what payment option our team has for the season?
You will be able to choose this while registering.

I have chosen to pay weekly, when do I expect to pay our registration fee and match fees?
Your registration fee will be sent to you in the week of your first match once fixtures have been confirmed. Your match fees will be sent to you weekly and are to be paid prior to each match.

Can we split payments?
Unfortunately, payments can only be made in the one transaction. You can forward the payment for someone else in the team to pay.

We have paid for a match, but the other team haven't turned up, what do we do?
Your team will be eligible for a match credit for the following week. In the event it's the last week of competition, teams are eligible for a refund.

Are there transaction fees associated with online payments?
Yes, there is a 2.6% fee + $1.33 fee per transaction.

What if we don't pay before the match?
You will not be able to take the court until you pay your fee. Penalties will apply per competition rules if there is a delay to the game.

The following consequences will occur for non-payment prior to the match:

  • Inability to start the game on the first instance.
  • For a second infringement, inability to start the game, as well as a $20 fine.
  • For three or more infringements, removal from the competition.

We haven't paid our match fee online, can we pay at the stadium Bundoora?
If you are paying a weekly fee, you must pay online. If you are experiencing issues, please let our team know. In the event that there are recurring issues with your online payments, we may recommend you pay for the rest of the season at reception, in bulk.

What happens if we owe fees?

Teams who owe more than $195 will be removed from the competition. Please chat to our staff if you are experiencing difficulties to pay – we will not remove teams who can communicate their issues with us!

Is there a withdrawal fee?

Yes, if your team withdraws from the competition, there will be a $150 season forfeiture fee. This fee covers administration and fixturing costs.