Fill Ins

Teams are allowed to use fill ins for La Trobe League competitions – after all, we want your team to play! However, there are some provisions in order to keep the competition fair for all.

Requirements for a fill-in

  • A fill in needs to be registered online.
  • Play at a higher division than one they are registered to. If you play in division 2, you will be allowed to fill in for teams in division 1, but not divisions 3 and 4. If the competition has one division, a fill-in may be approved through the opposition team. Additionally, at the opposition's team discretion, fill-ins bay be used in the same division even if a competition has multiple divisions. 
  • The player has been added to the team sheet (paper and electronic) prior to match starting
  • The referee is notified of any fill-ins

Number of fill-ins per match

Teams may only use a maximum of two fill-ins per match.

Fill-in game limit

A player may only fill-in for the same team at a maximum four times in a season (for 16+ week competitions) or three times (for semester-based competitions). Fill-ins may go over this limit, providing they:

(a) Register as a member of the team

(b) Are not registered in another team in the same competition

(c) Do not exceed the team’s maximum registration numbers

Fill ins are not eligible for finals. To be eligible, they must meet the provisions set out above, as well as the finals eligibility provisions.

The team bears the responsibility of any fill-ins for their team. In the event of any incident involving the fill-in, the team are held liable as if it was one of their own registered players. It is important that teams are familiar with the fill-ins that they may use. Teams who do not follow the policies around suspensions may face point deductions, forfeiture of matches, or suspension from the competition, as set out in the Suspension Guidelines.

Fill In FAQ's

We don't have enough numbers this week, can we get a fill in from another team?
You may have a fill-in player, if it meets the below provisions:

  1. The player is registered online.
  2. If the player plays in the same competition, they must play at a higher division (division 2 player can only fill-in for division 1)
  3. The player is added as a fill in on the team sheet prior to the match.
  4. The referee is notified that a fill-in is playing prior to the start of the match.

Do fill ins need to be registered?
Yes, fill-ins need to be registered into the competition. They do not need to be registered into your team, however.

If we use a fill in, are there matches being counted towards their end of season match tally?
No, games will not count if they are not officially registered into your team. If they are looking to join your team permanently, please ensure they sign up to the team, by using the team code provided to the team captain.

How many times are we allowed to use a fill in?
You are allowed to use a single fill in for a maximum of four matches each season (for 16+ week competitions), or three times for semester-based competitions.

How many fill ins per match can we use?

Teams may only use two fill-ins per game at a maximum. This is to ensure fairness of the competition.

What happens if our fill-in has played four games over the season in a 16+ week competition, but wants to play a fifth?

The player may be able to play a 5th game, providing they –

  1. Register as a member of the team.
  2. Are not registered for another team.
  3. Do not exceed the teams maximum registered numbers.