The first four weeks of all competitions is when grading occurs. Fixtures are released week to week, and your matchups help us decide what level you are at.

In the first four weeks, you will play teams that are of a similar skill level, to determine where you sit in your competition.

Grading FAQ's

Are results counted in grading games?
All competition points awarded in grading are transferred into the regular season - we want all games to count!

Goals/ Points for, against, and differential are not transferred, as we recognise teams may play a team way out of their skill level in grading.

Can we join after grading?
Yes, we still accept team entries after grading. You will be placed in the most appropriate division that we believe your team is - based on questions in the sign-up form.

If you are to mislead us of your skill level - we will move your team across to the appropriate division, with earned competition points lost.

We don't feel like we have been given an appropriate division, who do we speak to?
Divisions are set after grading - and we cannot cater for team requests. If La Trobe Sport feels it is absolutely necessary, they may team over divisions after grading has finished.

What are the main factors in determining our grade?

  • Grading matches
  • Results from previous seasons
  • Judgement of ability

Why does the ladder not reflect our results after grading?

Remember, only competition points will carry over after grading has concluded!