The all-important finals! Finals are conducted after each H&A competition for two weeks, in a top 4 knockout format.

  • Semi Finals: (A)1v4, (B)2v3
  • Grand Finals: Winner of Semi Final A and Semi Final B

Competition rules remain largely the same for finals, with a few minor timing adjustments. It is important that all participants are aware of these rules prior to the commencement of finals, as well as ensuring all members of the team.

Finals FAQ's

When are finals played?

Finals are played at the end of each competition, for a duration of two weeks.

What position do we need to finish to play in finals?

All of our competitions (unless specified otherwise) are played in a top 4 format.

Who play’s who in each week of finals?

(a) Semi Finals: (A)1v4, (B)2v3

(b) Grand Finals: Winner of Semi Final A and Semi Final B

Who is eligible to play finals?

Players need to be:

  • Registered to the team.
  • Not registered to any other team in the same competition
  • Have played at least five (5) matches for the team for 16+ week competitions or played at least three (3) matches for semester-based competitions.
  • Are not serving any competition suspensions.

Are there any modified rules for finals?

Most of our competition rules remain the same for finals, with some time adjustments in the case of a draw/ tie in regulation time. Please see sport specific rules for more.