Incident Lodgement Form

Please click HERE to submit an Incident Lodgement Form

The Incident Lodgement Form is used for a registered participant of La Trobe League, Staff Member, or Match Official to submit a report for an incident which may happen in a match. 

Submissions of an Incident Lodgement Form are sent to the Incident Review Officer, who looks after any reports. A decision is then made, to class the incident under a general review, or an official review. Please click HERE to view a more detailed overview on what occurs when an Incident Lodgement Form is submitted. 

Aditionally, please view our Incident Review Protocols which go through the policies in place for an incident review, as well as the Suspension Guidelines which are used to determine a length of a ban. 


Please note, the below information is contained in the Incident Review Protocols. Please view these in full by clicking HERE.

1 An Incident Lodgement Form is the only method for players, spectators, or the public to request a formal review.  

2 It is recommended that an Incident Lodgement Form is completed even if a Match Official or La Trobe Sport Staff member has been made aware of it.  

3 The Incident Lodgement Form must be completed within 48 hours. Incident Lodgement Forms completed outside of this time frame will not be reviewed by La Trobe Sport.  

In the instance that a player, spectator, or witness does not complete an Incident Lodgement Form on the assumption that a match official or La Trobe Sport staff member would report it, the incident will not be reviewed. Confirmation of a report can only come in the form of written notification by La Trobe Sport.  

An Incident Lodgement Form can only be submitted by a registered player of the competition. If a spectator, bystander, or someone not registered in the competition would like to put in an incident lodgement, they must get a registered player to do it on their behalf, or email 

6 An Incident Lodgement Form can be submitted by a parental guardian on behalf of a participant, given the participant is aged 16 or 17 years old.  

7 It is compulsory to have already spoken to a match official prior to submitting an Incident Lodgement Form.  

8 If deemed necessary, alleged persons or teams may be restricted from participating in a competition while a review is underway.